Anguished Immortals, Book One, Acts of the Fallen. Chapter six….An Immortals Idealisms.

Point of Azrael's Anguish. By J.C.S.. ©2013 All rights reserved.

“What’s you agreement with Zerachiel?”
“In this realm, he can’t be watched or seen. No one can be. This is considered a pleasurable purgatory, actually. But back to your back stabbing guardian. He feels as if his boss isn’t doing what needs to be done to rid the world of…people like me,” he said smiling, “And although you are good at what you do, you’re not perfect.”
This news sounded deranged to me. But I attempted to remain emotionless as I hastened an answer.
“He’s discontent with his position, but he has a higher ranking than me” I said, “…what does he get out of it?”
Hades smiled at me, and rubbed his hands together.
“His guardian displaced his trust in God, and as you were explaining to Enyo, he was cast out of heaven with 5 other angels. Zerachiel hasn’t been the same since he witnessed that…”
I was in such disbelief at what I was hearing. Remembering how I told Enyo knowing certain things resulted in consequences, I wanted to forget all the laws I held an oath too. I could feel the anger rising in me as I listened to Hades continue with his story. As I began to drift into fury, I felt Enyo’s cold hand on mine. She shook her head, and almost instantly I came back to.
If you kill Zeus, he’s got plans for this place.”
“Zerachiel can’t hold dominion over Olympus. God can’t see this place because it isn’t supposed to exist, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”
“Well, that’s where you come in.”
“Wuh…”  I said, trying not to stammer, “Are you challenging my skills? Zeus will be killed, there’s no doubt there.”
“You have to if you can. You think I’m bad, you have no idea what Zeus has done…” he said, cackling again. He stood to walk around the large circular table.
Hades came to stand behind me and placed his hand on my chair.
“Zeus knows who God is, and he knows the most unforgivable sin. But Zeus is afraid to die. Because when he does, he has a special place just for him…” he said, moving over to Enyo’s chair.
“That’s impossible,” I said under my breath.
“Oh, he isn’t an original, he is a first descendant. But he isn’t the only one remaining.”
“The first descendants died off thousands of years ago…” I said in, sure of my knowledge.
“Or did they go into hiding, knowing their history with God, and mortals?”
It slowly began to dawn on me how long Olympus itself had been here. I felt stupid for everything I had believed before, and with that thought, I was ready to leave. I pushed back from the table to stand, when Hades firmly clamped his hand on my shoulder blade.
“The only way you’d be able to kill Zeus is if you kill Zerachiel…” he whispered.
“Zerachiel was hoping I would stall so he could kill him his self,” I answered quickly, “and regardless, I’d become a fallen angel.”
“You are smarter than Zerachiel gives you credit for!” he exclaimed, clapping his hands.
I glanced down at Enyo, who seemed to be hanging on by a thread. Pulling her to stand, I began to walk to the door when I felt the walls abrupt with a faint rumble. Zerachiel was descending because he knew I was here.
“You can’t fly out of here without being noticed!” Hades yelled over the sound.
“You think I care?!” I yelled back.
I proliferated my wings, and scooped Enyo close to my chest. Developing to an aerial stance, I shot my left foot behind the right. As I crouched down, I took a deep breath. I had a generous amount between the floor and I, but my momentum collided with Zerachiel’s. He fell to the purple lacquer floor, but growled as he shot up to chase after me.
Piloting through Hades Hall seemed to be quite tricky. I almost ran into several pillars and walls before finding an exit. I gushed out as fast as I could, with Enyo moaning in my arms. I could feel Zerachiel in pursuit of me, and I wondered why he hadn’t attacked yet.

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