Blogtalk Radio and the FB Giveaway

Blogtalk radio-

Prior to shows…within weeks, days, and hours….

I will be posting links via Facebook, Twitter for Blogtalk radio…and wow…what’s in store if you listen in?

Giveaways, trivia, chances to talk with J.C.S….and the opportunity to learn more about the trilogy.

I also encourage you to share, share, share!

If you’re paying attention…you’ll have a chance to win!

Topics for shows won’t be presented until the day of the show. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or

© 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.

FB Giveaway-

As the months wind down to the release of Anguished Immortals: Book Two, Zerachiel’s Seed…we will be drawing closer to a gigantic giveaway.

Grand prize winner will receive both book one and two, signed shirt, and two signed prints of Enyo and Azrael.

That’s just for the release day.

Every other Friday we’ll host a giveaway on Facebook via The Anguished Immortals Trilogy Page, and the Author J.C.S. page.

(Please note…to participate, all winners have to have a valid email address for a chance to enter.)

I will post further information about both events throughout the season.


Thanks so much for taking time to read my blog.

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  1. mahesh shukla says:

    Really a great n talented…personality***

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