The Trilogy Goes On!


Last year I successfully finished The Anguished Immortals Trilogy. I was able to edit…(with a lot of help) Book One, Acts of the Fallen…and self publish. First through Author House, then through Create Space.

Now we’re heading into the second installment. With this book, I figured it would end there. But as I approached the close I realized I found my “thing.”

That “thing” all 20 somethings search for. You know…that drive. That career. That craving that has you up at odd hours of the night.

So I went ahead with Book Three, An Angel’s Pride and Angst.

Now that I have time to edit, and reconstruct….I also have time to promote, draw, and create images from my written imagery. This is indeed task filled but nonetheless…very rewarding. 

I have so much planned for my trilogy!

Asha © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.



I will be reposting the previous blog about The Bookie Bash…a birthday event hosted by a fellow author. We need as many people as possible, as I’ve gone out of my pocket to insure the grand prize winner has my best work 🙂



Tobias © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.

Blogtalk Radio is still in the works. The date I have situated at the moment for the first show is June 7th (that’s a Thursday) @ 7pm (9pm EST). Please mark your calendars, as this is definitely a momentous event for me, J.C.S. and The Anguished Immortals Trilogy. If the Bookie Bash isn’t what we hope, you will still have many opportunities to score a free signed copy of Book One, a signed shirt, and a signed print.

When the release for Book Two approaches….there will be another giveaway (or two) you’ll be able to join.

I’m very excited for this summer to come!


Thanks for reading!

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