I haven’t played out my first BTR show in my head. I do keep wondering how I’ll open the show.


Of course…music to heighten the excitement (or just mine)


Then do I say… “Hello, Welcome to the show, I’m Graphic Novelist J.C.S….pretending to be a hard ass…but mind you I am nervous.”

It’s too late to walk away now!

(I wasn’t going to…but that’s for you panic driven folks)

In order to make a ripple, you must first change the water. A drop adds to it, a breeze moves it along. The only thing that seems to “stop” it’s movement is freezing over.

I’m not prepared to seem as though I’m done.

I’d like a breeze to make things easier, but that’s all on another force and none of my own.

A drop is also possibly “help” but then again…I don’t pray for rain.

What are other things that allow ripples?

Fish? Frogs? Skidding rocks on the surface. Row boats and fishermen?

Yes, true. But I’d prefer precipitation.


It’s a product of my own being. I evaporated (me the river, pond, lake) into the atmosphere, and now I’m raining down on myself.

It seems redundant…but the first person you’ll invest in is yourself.


Spectrum J.C.S. © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.

I sincerely encourage you to listen in. I’ll be rambling on about myself as if I’m accomplished (in sorts, I am) And I’ll be reading. How fun will that be? Just a short passage. A teaser. Something to elaborate on the artwork and imagery. 

Just don’t know which book. It should be book one, but book two is more exciting (as it should be)

During the show I will be going on about my sturdy start on finish my first trilogy. My idea of a good story…and my opinion on romance (literature porn)

Hopefully you can join 🙂


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