Well done, J.C.S.



Last night’s BTR went very well.

I had a couple of callers, with friends and others who rang my praises all day long.

I did my best to stay professional, but still had a bit of fun.

The topics varied…from The Anguished Immortals Trilogy, Bleeding Stars and Papers Hearts…even as to why I draw the way I do (caller asked a great question)

The problem now is…

He also asked if I sell my illustrations as prints. SO! This is the 5th time I’ve been asked. I think it’s time I sit down and figure out the best way to do so.


Another caller had questions about the release of Anguished Immortals: Book Two, Zerachiel’s Seed.

That is set for August 15th, and I’m rather excited about it…even though I should do more artwork. That’s tough right now…I have quite a bit going on.



Just recently…I was able to post part of my newest project on authonomy.com. Thankfully it’s been receiving rave reviews (despite other authors tearing my editing goals to bits)


With this good news, I’m now wondering if I should attempt to release Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Adrianna is Mine this year.

When I do…I may have an actual…party. Not one on Facebook lol.

May have one on Facebook…because pretend authors may feel it’s unorthodox I do that. Reality is to realistic for some…I understand. (muaahaha..haha…ha!)

Brandon © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.


Please be sure to tune in June 13th at 7 pm MDT for my next BTR show. It’s going to be just as exciting for me as the first show!

I’ll be going deeper into my two MC’s from Anguished Immortals…how to create the “perfect man” as a female author, and the do’s and don’s of writing.

Be sure to catch the first show, as I’ll be posting a few links for you to sort through.


Byond Epic Ent Summer Giveaway

Yes, yes. I’m doing my own little thing here. It feels better this way. That kicked off yesterday as well, and so far I have 85 entries. 

For June and July…you can score Anguished Immortals: Book One, Acts of the Fallen. A shirt, and print… all signed by me.

August hosts the jackpot! If you win you’ll receive Anguished Immortals Book One AND Book Two, Zerachiel’s Seed. Two shirts, one representing each book, and two prints…all signed by yours truly.

I definitely suggest you jump on board!


As always…thanks for reading! 









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