25,000 visitors, 8 Months


What should my mantra be? I’ve always questioned this as a child.

Today it’s been confirmed. I can openly say my “beyond epic” efforts have yielded “beyond epic” results.

In way less than a year, my site has had 25,000 + visitors! This is something I want to share with everyone…solely because I’m doing EVERYTHING single handily.

The most my amazing friends can offer is a post or a link…or sharing a post here and there. But it’s better this way- I can handle 25,000 or so visitors.

The effort I’ve put into everything I’m doing is really starting to shine through.

I’m hoping by years end, I’ll be close to 100,000 hits.

When this takes place…well I have no idea. LOL ^_^


The Byond Epic Ent giveaway is starting to snowball!

That’s right, from a mere 70 or so entries to 111. I think by the time June’s giveaway is over, I’ll have over 200 entries. That’s alright with me. I’m a one woman show over here.

Please be sure to take time to enter so you don’t miss the opportunity of:

Signed copy of Anguished Immortals: Book One, Acts of the Fallen.

Signed shirt, and signed print.

This is another way I’m saying thanks to all those who’ve taken time to turn an ear, open their eyes, share, and question with elaboration. It’s an amazing feeling 🙂


As usual, thanks for reading.

And be sure to mark your calendars for this Thursday, June 13th. Another show from me, Graphic Novelist J.C.S. will air @ 7pm MDT (9pm EST)






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