None to Some

Yesterday should be written down in history.

I think I drew too much, is that possible? (someone will say no)

After putting together my next book cover, I decided to draw for a good friend of mine. She absolutely loved my work. But I had an itching to continue…

After a few hours…the result is Miriam. A character from Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts.

This would be one of my more detailed pieces…as I went from a description of her haberdashery during a dinner party. I’m currently working on her mate- Antonio. Another cannibalistic angel, reeking havoc throughout the book.

Miriam © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.


Tomorrow presents another opportunity to listen in live! My BTR has been doing wonderfully. Last week’s show was awesome…but the archived listens blew my socks off. Right now I’ve had 511 archived views! How about we listen in live on Thursday people???

It’s truly a blessing to be able to do such a thing. I hope I continue having somewhat of an impact of people.


122 people have entered this month’s giveaway. Remember….the raffle copter widget will be up until the 29th of June. The winner will be announced July 5th.

For June…you can win….Signed copy of Anguished Immortals: Book One, Acts of the Fallen…signed shirt…and a signed print.

I highly encourage you to join (links provided below)


There isn’t much else for me to say, but I do want to leave you with a reasonable question. One…that may or may not be hard to answer.

What defines success?

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