The Speed of Progression

Did you listen in last night?

The show went well! Again, I was nervous. But I really do feel this needs to be done.

There aren’t a lot of working options for indie authors…especially graphic novelists. We’re typically underdogs. So BTR seems to be working very well.

Last week brought in 634 archive listeners. This basically means 634 people have listened to the recording from last week. I can’t be upset I didn’t have that many live…I wasn’t expecting anyone to go back and listen!

I’m having some what of an impact, and I hope it builds up momentum. A snowball effect–in a good way.

Most of my shows will run for 45 minutes, and during the last 15 or so, I read. As I was going about this, someone called.

The reasons I’m concerned:

One…I was reading. I’m not going to interrupt a read to answer calls.

Two…I really wasn’t expecting anyone to call in.

This is a little problem that can be fixed. And I’ll have to put that into my script for next week.

Script?? Yes, it’s best to be prepared. I honestly hadn’t put thought into it until about a few days before the first show. I then realized that if I didn’t have one, I’d be winging it. And although I’m not a professional radio host, I’d still like to be prepared.

Someone questioned this, so I’m questioning their sanity, lol

Enyo © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.


Byond Epic Ent Giveaway-

This is my first giveaway—ever! I’m hosting it by myself, with no other authors included. I’m contributing the gifts, emailing winners, posting, posting, posting.

I do have a handful of people sharing links for me, which is awesome.

But this summer is going to be…

Beyond epic 🙂

Please make sure you’ve entered! So far I’ve had 135 entries…we still have 14 days left 🙂


A friend of mind noted all of my efforts in my books, artwork, website, and other social pages I possess.

I didn’t realize until last night…but it’s all very taxing lol. I do, however, enjoy it. It’s not about making money, being famous, having fans.

It’s about continuing something you’ve started. The rest are perks presented with completing a challenge…you should never take what you’ve earned and how far you’ve gotten for granted.

I don’t plan on stopping, even if things flat line, or remain the same.


As always…thanks so much for reading 🙂

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