…And growing!


Initially, I had no idea there would be any potential with my Blogtalk Radio podcast.


Now I see this was a great decision!


So far I’ve had 1727 archived listeners. That’s much more than I expected.


I also wonder- is this word of mouth? It’s really hard to say.


And it’s all very exciting.


A good friend asked if I had become excited, and worried I may be letting all of this get to my head. I told him I wasn’t even finished yet, and I have a long way to go.


SO! This is GREAT but it isn’t over.


Have you been listening in?


Last week, I seemed unpolished. That is due to lack of rest. I got through the show, but I felt slightly depleted. I refuse to act as if I’m perfect.

This week will be better, but I hope no one calls while I’m reading. I can’t switch back and forth between the switch boards lol

Tiresias © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.


The Byond Epic Ent giveaway is still underway. I cannot stress this enough 🙂


From June (which is almost over) to the middle of August I’ll be giving away signed books, shirts, and prints. 


August is the best time to win. Anguished Immortals: Book Two, Zerachiel’s Seed releases on the 15th. The winner will receive Anguished Immortals: Book One, Acts of the Fallen, and Book two, two signed shirts, and two signed prints.


You can’t beat that 🙂


Take time now to go to http://www/byondepic.net. Click on more, go down to Events. About mid page you’ll see the widget for raffle copter. Click on that, and do the requirements to enter!



Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Book One, Adrianna is mine is completed! Aside from editing, that is.


This will release sometime in October. And yes… I will turn this into some kind of party, lol.




Please remember…my Blogtalk Radio show airs LIVE tonight @ 7pm MDT (9pm EST)

Be there, and tell all you know 🙂

Thanks for reading!










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