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What would make a radio show better?

Toddlers going to sleep. Callers dialing in when I’m not reading. 

At least the people in chat are respectful. And silent.

I needed to find music suitable for the show. To start and to finish. That and to interrupt the Blogtalk Radio announcer who has a smashing English accent.

I have music I could have uploaded. A friend asked why I hadn’t.

The simple fact is…my shows are recorded. If the artist found me using their music without the copyright…I could be sued. Permissions are better than just saying…”oh live and let die”

But as much as I adore following the rules…it hurts. I couldn’t think of anyone that would allow me to use their work. And making my own music is actually costly. Garage band (Apple product) is about $5 and I don’t even think that’s the actual app!


There are other places you can “make your own beats,” but I still needed actual music.


So I then said…what would happen if I posted a status about my needs? I rarely do this. Let’s give it a shot.

Then boom, one fellow answered. Then we began talking.


Now we’ve struck a deal. With cross promoting…and me having secretive access to his music.


So I tried my luck again, this time asking a hip hop artist I’m familiar with…here in Denver.

He said yes…same deal—cross promoting. With a small and affordable fee.


I don’t bring this up to brag. I mention it because we all act as if things are so impossible.

Life takes dedication. Without effort, you’re not actually living. Even breathing isn’t easy….there are some that don’t have it that way.

You see an obstacle, and your brain seems to convince you it’s not possible.

You never know until you try.

It’s cliche’…I admit. But overall it’s true.

What’s the next thing I have to tackle for the remainder of this month?

Formatting my second book and editing 🙂


So far my Blogtalk Radio show has had over 2000 listeners! I really don’t know what to say aside from thank you!

I had a few more live listeners than expected, and…someone tried to call…again.

After I specified the best time to call lol.

Still working out the kinks, but everything is becoming a routine 🙂

I honestly can say I’m excited about the fourth show coming up. 

Hopefully you’ll be listening in next week? 🙂



Seven days before the giveaway for June will be over! The links to enter can be found below…but please take time to visit the site and sign up!

June’s winner will receive Anguished Immortals: Book One, Acts of the Fallen, a shirt, and print…all signed by me 🙂

Gear yourselves up and please tell everyone you know!




As usual, thanks for reading!

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