Systemic Lupus, promoting, and electronics


I have been exhausted for about a month. Typically I’ll say “Hm…well Lupus comes with ongoing fatigue.” But usually, that’s before and after a flare. Not constantly for 28 days straight.

Then I gathered I hadn’t been sleeping well, but I generally rarely sleep.

Come to find out…the pollen has been extremely high here in Denver, CO due to the dry weather.

Great. I want to spend the rest of the summer taking allergy meds just to function on a daily basis.

If it’s not one thing…it’s another.

Often, people ask how I get through the trials of having Lupus. Allergies makes it worse.

I almost died last year…thinking taking bee pollen would help my suffering. Come to find out…people with low immune systems should stay away from any form of bee pollen and honey, wax…all of it.

The allergic reaction is severe, and may potentially cause death.

Here I was, stuffy nose, short labored breaths, unable to move or eat because I didn’t have the slightest idea what to do, and what not to do.

Although I’ve lived with the diagnosis for a while now, there’s still so much I’m unsure of.

Stress is the main cause of lupus flares. It also depends on your lifestyle, diet, and career choices.

Example: When working full-time, I was at the hospital the most due to being on my feet. After having a blood clot travel to my right lung (pulmonary embolism) I decided to stay home with my children. Best choice so far.

Writing isn’t hazardous…yelling at kids can be. So we’ve come to grips with that when I’ve had to repeat myself…you’re in trouble.

I cannot control the outside world, so unless I need something, I stay at home.

And food should taste good and be good for you. I’ve fought my urges and cravings, and found others with Lupus to have weight problems (either losing a lot of gaining a lot)

Over all, I’m very young. I was 20 when diagnosed, and now being 26…I see the benefit in the early knowledge of the fatal disease.

This is an everyday struggle…and I’m at my worst when other things couple with the disease. 

Though I still do what needs to be done.

Enyo crying © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.


I’m happy to report that I have to music artists who are allowing me to use their work on my shows. Hopefully I come across another, but with cross promoting…there isn’t an immediate need.

You’ll be listening to hip hop artist Rolphy, a native of Denver. And Nightlife Boys…an awesome duo with electronic renditions to set fire to your feet.

It’s amazing that I’m allowed to network so freely between art “worlds.” I feel as if I’m the winner here, as I see others struggle with the same efforts of my own.

You have to realize that the only boundaries holding you back are of those you set yourself. Once you break through your box of comfort and reach for something that seems untouchable…you’ll see what I mean.

These are baby steps that will ultimately leave an impression.

I don’t know when, but to start and continue is worth a try.

Make sure not to miss this Thursdays episode on Blogtalk Radio…and if you missed last week…listen via the link below 🙂



Thankfully technology allows me to harass the lot of you from my bed when days haven’t gone well.

I usually can tell when I open my eyes whether or not it will take me 20 minutes to get out of bed, or five. Most days I can maneuver enough strength to get up.

The days I have to work from my bed…I realize I have a tablet and a phone the size of a tablet that gives me the ability to multitask as I would do from my PC.

I cannot see myself living in another time period, and I will cry if I lost any of my electronics…bottom line.

I am not solely dependent upon them. 

For example, I taught myself how to swim. I also taught myself how to cook.

Since I don’t possess telepathy…I use my phone to call my mother and other friends. I usually text because people annoy me, and I honestly don’t care how they decipher what I really mean when I say something.

I cannot guess the absolute temperature (I’m usually a degree or two off when I check my phone)

And I refuse to remember the bus schedules as four or five buses run through my neighborhood.

I’m sure if I didn’t own anything I do now…I’d be just fine.

But as for right now…I’m comfortably reliant upon them.



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