Things have been going phenomenally!


The radio show has received over 3000 listeners!


Where are all you folks live?


Regardless, that makes me happy.


My efforts are paying off 🙂


Make sure to turn in Friday, due to Fourth of July.


Same time, @ 7pm MDT.


Byond Epic Ent’s giveaway for June went down well.


EXCEPT for the person who entered 25+ times. Funny, raffle copter picks the winner by random selection. And those entries did not show up when I finally decided who would win!

I want to thank everyone who entered last month’s giveaway! The winner will be announced during my BTR show, and all day Friday 🙂

If the winner doesn’t contact me within a week, a new winner will be chosen.

Regardless of who wins…they will receive the following-

Signed copy of Anguished Immortals, Book One: Acts of the Fallen

Signed shirt, and a signed print.

July’s giveaway has already started. I highly encourage all of you to enter. I opened the raffle copter widget Saturday night, and I’ve received 60 entries so far.

I’m glad people want what I have to offer!





Like paying double your average phone bill.

I suppose that’s what I get for being fancy?

On top of that, I have to pay to be on the air!


So…shopping or responsibilities?


I would really prefer to do the right thing in this synopsis. I mean…technically it’s easier to just say f it. But that type of attitude lands you no where.


Had I not paid my dues…I’d fumble all of my plans and have to start all over again. 

What’s that corny saying some rappers say?

(too legit too quit)

It’s last night I realized I’m my worst enemy.

At least for right now…


Thanks for reading!

Superior Mindset © 2013 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.

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