Honest departure

I’ve literally taken an unannounced but excusable hiatus.

In fact the good over throws the bad in this circumstance.

Example…I’m married now 🙂


The bad-
My PC crashed. I haven’t been able to replace it or do a BlogTalk Radio Show. However, this didn’t stop me from illustrating, editing, and writing.
I lost a chapter! Fortunately…I have an impeccable memory. Most of it was saved in my brain and then saved safely on my very handy and highly cherished Kindle Fire Hd.
I purchased a keyboard worrying it wouldn’t get the job done. Luckily…my hands are small and I’m a woman…patience is an art.

The Good-
I’m slowly gaining fans. This steady movement is great because I’m not accustomed to shortcomings. Here today gone tomorrow doesn’t suit my field.
I’ve have several people appreciate my artwork and novels in general. Not just family 🙂
Demmy Graphics is hilarious, if you haven’t already heard…twitter is where to find it. #DemmyGraphics #JCS and I promise you’ll laugh. This comic spread isn’t for the simple minded or anyone who’s easily offended.
Nothing bad that’s happened has altered any of my efforts and please know I realize this is a slow notion towards success.

I’ve picked a crazy insane career…ruled by men. My road now includes making a name for myself AND leaving an impression that cannot be compared.

To find more, twitter again is the place. #anguishedimmortals #BSPH #JCS #beyondepic #SciFi #CyberPunk #EpicFantasy

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