Strung out hope



How many times can one possibly fail and think to themselves “this isn’t for me.”

I grinded my nerves wishing and hoping I could keep things afloat…when suddenly I am no longer buoyant. Now I sink like a rock, but am still looking upwards hoping to reach the surface.

Or…do I realize obstacles simply mean what you’re doing is shaking the world?

I’m a glass half full kind of girl> my motivation is often demotivation. I’ve lost my pc, my radio show…and my website has bit the dust.

Why? Children. I had them long before I went into the entire endeavor. I will not change anything about them.

Expensive or not.

So! The mothership is now WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. WordPress mainly, the others second.

Why? Well. Food, bills, kids and hubby first. Career and driving taste for power second. World domination last.

It’s possible and simpler this way.

All updates, links, new artwork, and anything else I can muster will be posted here and other places.

I hope my blog followers are as loyal as my twitter #lovies (you guys are awesome!)

But the main goal here is to continue on despite missing a few aspects.

They seemed to be driving in an audience but not as far as book sales go.

Guess what I’m saying is…I’m going to be harassing Twitter about WordPress on Facebook.



All graphics will be posted on If my work isn’t copywritten, it will most definitely have a signature water mark on the piece. Please do not share my work without consent.

Other pieces will go up on Deviant when I have time to. Its a hard process and isn’t worth my efforts because I’m juggling more than two careers at once. Deviant is ideal for someone who solely just illustrates.

Both series have their own facebook pages in which I’ll post at the end of this sesh. Those pages host previews, and a few updates as well. The most frequented one is my author page.

The best way to stay informed is Twitter and facebook. Hoping to keep a steady pace with the blog 🙂

As always…thanks for reading 🙂

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