Bleed A Celebrity Dry


I used to admire authors as a child. It was something to look forward to because most aren’t looking for fame.

I thought that until I became a graphic novelist. Facebook is polluted with want-to-bes that don’t even come close to the word “Famous” (hell..even influential!)

My reality is this…I’m a female graphic novelist with unconventional illustrations and abstract writing and plots. The best way for me to get to the top (if I tried) is to keep the consistency of my work, my fans, and my insanity.

Those factors play equals with authors…however, it’s actually a lot easier for some to shine.

But one must wonder…regardless of how many years it will take to reach the New York Times Best Sellers list…why is everyone either writing the same thing or thinking the same way?

One…it takes years to build a solid reputation. No matter how sensational your book may be…and how quickly it becomes a movie…doesn’t decide the talent behind it. To each their own. Example…who wrote Twilight?

Two…with there being 5-10 years before some authors even scratch the surface…appreciating your fans is actually a lot more important than throwing giveaways. I’d rather have a band of loyal idiots who crave every word I say…than someone who only likes what you do because everyone else does. You can actually hurt yourself picking up people who aren’t even interested with your work.

Three…1,000 likes on Facebook is great. The reality in this, however, is that some are probably fellow authors. There’s a plus side…some kind of half assed networking took place when you got a like for a like…but if this person taking up data on your page isn’t truly supporting you…should you be making a fuss and doing giveaways?

Plus…begging to get more likes isn’t right either. Can’t you allow your work to speak for itself???

Four…only networking with people that write in the same genre is detrimental. You want everyone else to support you, but won’t bat a lid to the next. Interesting.

Lastly…reviewing. Some authors have picked up that second career of either professionally tearing a book to bits and…or…doing so on amazon…for free. Fear strikes a cord ignorance will only resonate on.

I’ve seen my share of greatness and have tasted from a cup of bitter gall (it was passed to me…who turns down free beverages???) But I like my situation.

Very much. Doesn’t mean I’ll be famous or that’s my goal…

But I thought writers wrote books for people to read? Where does fame lie in that?

The way things are done in the book industry almost hurt as much as being told manuscript and cursive writing may become obsolete.

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