Oh…and by the way…



Has the world gone mad?

Or is it that one person in every square city block is the only sane one…

Latter of the two?

There are some things I’m meant to juggle- life of a mother, life of a wife, graphic novelist, small business owner.

There are some things I refuse to tolerate…the lonely rants of an old, bitter woman.

Everyone has someone like that in their life…mine just so happens to be my mother.

I cannot express how many times I’ve had to explain to her that I’m not rich and won’t be for a while.

I was literally sitting around doing nothing and she was perfectly okay with it. Now things have picked up its pace and suddenly I’m a horrible person…


Forgive me for pursuing a career and actually sticking with it.

It isn’t just the instant fame she’s looking for…

Did I mention she’s insane? I can’t go into great detail…but I often find myself explaining things that don’t need an explanation.

At first I was all for caring for her when things started going well. Now I may have to change my mind. I won’t have the person who keeps striking my cheek living in my hard efforts and comforts of a lavish life style…when it comes to that.

I told her the goal here was to complete. I finished a series and am well on my way to finishing another. I have many other ideas in mind…which…may I remind everyone…was harshly criticized by my own mother! All you have to do to offend someone is question why they want to continue writing after they got married.

BECAUSE I’M A WRITER! Why else would I pursue this so hard?

I’ve come to the conclusion that things didn’t pan out the way my mother wanted them to, and somehow that’s my fault. (Her life…not mine)

I will never understand her disgust in my career choice or disinterest in my work but full blown attention in my royalties….but the only thing I can do is act like it isn’t happening
(Or make a snarky comic about it lol)



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