Delight in Desecration

As many will never admit.
They’d rather  lie, yell and spit.
This  power does feel good.
Especially first gained.

That death whispers songs.
Beckons one to sing along.
To destroy anyone who’s weak.
Whether or not it’s insane.

That blood is the new black.
And deceit is a humbling matter.
That chaos reigns true.
And guilt is more than rather.

The sweet taste of finally seeing.
No instances or person you know.
Once your army has

Antonio ©2013 by J.C.S.. All rights reserved.

won the battle.
It’s hard to let it go.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Really like this one and a great title

  2. gnjcs says:

    Thank you. Not as good as your work, though 😉

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