Passage from Chapter Four, Krythm….Anguished Immortals: Book One, Acts of the Fallen

“Entering the Realm of the Forgotten was like walking into a ghost hotel in Vegas. Every spirit that resided there had a gig. It was almost as if they solely came for one purpose-to seduce you into selling your soul. I only wanted the remains so I can finish the job I was given.
A breeze fluttered the covering over my nose and mouth as dust and ash swirled around, enshrouding me from head to toe. This didn’t effect me, but the smell was unbearable. I gagged as I neared my destination. Was this the fruits of my labor?
Elmer’s shop intertwined with a rotting corpse, which according to him was the first to die here. Because it was a super human, its flesh seemed to turn black over time. But its appearance was a trick of the eye. The dust, ash, and remains from most dying gods presented a dark purplish display. And unlike a human, it’s flesh took centuries to decay.
Since there was a risk for their spirit hosting in a mortal’s body, all dying deities were commanded to perish here. If not here, they were ordered to take krythm. YarightObviously, since none of them listen, I came here for the poison to finish my assignments without a trace.
Which is another reason why I despised my purpose.
It was Elmer’s job to insure they wouldn’t escape if they were sent here, and it was his responsibility to distribute what I valued so much…krythm. It was extremely effective when it was concentrated. You only needed a little bit, and it was wise to turn it into this form. This allows for a speedy disposal.
I walked into Elmer’s messy shop. He’s broken record playing skipped beats here and there as it droned to a score by Chopin. He mumbled to his self as he looked over a molded trap of papers on his desk. Once he saw me, he grinned from ear to ear and stood up straight. Then he clapped his decomposing hands together, and began to walk in my direction. Since the creation of super beings, Elmer was the overseer of this realm.
“I thought you did away with him in a clean manner. No one knew a thing. Besides that city is crazy anyway, what were they going to say?” he said, cackling and smiling, “what can I do for you?”
“I need a concentrated form of krythm. I have a goddess from Olympus I’m after this time,” I said, attempting to sound serious.
Elmer stopped walking towards me with his smile fading. He seemed disturbed with my announcement, but it was a part of his curse to help. He nodded then arbitrated his movements over to a broken filing cabinet.
The drawer he opened appeared to be the only one that was in working order. Elmer reached his bony decaying fingers into it, and drew out two pearl shaped pills, no larger than the size of a fish egg. Then he reached into his back pocket, and pulled out a silver capsule. After that he closed the lid and handed it to me then grabbed my wrist.
Elmer’s flesh was cold and dank, and his grip was stronger than I anticipated. I grimaced at his action but I was ready to hear what he had to say.
“I want you to consider other options besides killing this woman,” he hissed, “she comes from a family of dogs.” ”

Realm of the Forgotten

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