The weather


It’s cold today here in Denver, Colorado. So cold that it’s angered my adorable husband lol.

This has given me the opportunity to illustrate…as yet another one of my tools has been taken from me…My wireless keyboard for my kindle fire hd!

Now I have to hunker down and purchase a decent laptop.

On top of that I’ve made a decision that I cannot reveal to you at this moment…

It’s exciting and I promise when I have a chance to show you all, I will.

I do hope to return to Blogtalk Radio in January as well as possibly setting up a better site.

The site is questionable.

For now I’ll illustrate as much as I can so I can bring to you a completed Graphic novel edition…another plan snuffed out by the winds of change lol.


If you didn’t design what you’re using to design…anything…rights or not…I think it’s lame. People don’t like hearing thing  of this sort….but I work so hard to insure my being is throughout all I do…and someone downloads the rights for graphics and claims to have “done it themselves.”

A lot are doing this. I get  it….you can’t draw. I’m not perfect but there is something strange about it.

I see the greatness in creating my own designs. I love the burning sensation in my eyes and the aching in my back once I’m done because the entire time…I fought, cried, and complained until it was done.

Then I marvled at my struggle.

Can you say that with set designs you can alter?


For those of you who didn’t know…this is a one woman show. LOL now you know.



always thanks for reading….I’ll return soon to harass you again

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