As the Smoke Settles


As many of you know…I thought I found man spewed happiness.
But as short lived as puperty is for men (total joke) did fall the romance as well.
After being accused of cheating numerous occasions, and then being physically and mentally harmed…

I ended things. In a mature manner.

I also acquired a wireless keyboard for my kindle since it became increasingly difficult to write! There’s other things falling into places where they belong. (Still waiting on a laptop…)
The website is back!
Soon after…the radio show will follow. This progress is me coming out of the ashes.
How I’d love to call myself a phoenix…but I do not deserve the name.
I allowed batting blue eyes and great sex to dominate my every move. It came to the point…that I realized I was neglecting everything I worked so hard on.
Starting with my relationship with God, my children, and my dear and loving mother. Now things have turned around, but I do really feel as though I’m starting all over. Most of which was previously posted wasn’t false in anyway…things got really bad near the end.
Now my obligation is to continue pestering the lot of you and promoting the book. This also gives me a chance to finish up scenes, artwork…and you guessed it.
I am literally going back to never leaving the house, continuously writing and pretending men have cooties just so I can get back on track
Back on Track you say?

It’s a slow and dawning process. Fortunately…I’ve done this before. I have a plan to keep things rolling in the next few weeks, with little steps at a time.
For starters…in February…I’m going to do my best to set up a donation link and change things around for people who are attempting to become members. Reason being…

I’m going to The Denver Comic Con in June and I need to insure I have a stronger following…and the funds to reach my goals.

Donations will vary but none will be a strange out of pocket expense. I also have to start regulating what I show and what I sell on my site…cuts down on copyright infringments and what not.
The goal is to also gather order for the radio show, followers, and that huge surprise I told you about that I cannot reveal LOL but the time for that will come.

I promise.

There’s a lot of exciting things taking place soon. I’m truly thrilled and cannot wait!
One last thing…I will do my best to post a blog once a week. That’s really all you need from me anyway LOL I talk too much!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day 🙂


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