Time: Friend or Foe?

Asha, Daughter of Zerachiel

Time is something one can adjust to. However, I would prefer that time adjusted to me. For example….I wake up before the sun rises to ready my son for school…

Sleep and time are not friends, I assure you.

But time came to tighten up a bit. After leaving a bad situation, I now find myself heading towards Denver Comic Con (anything is possible) and I’ve finished my fifth book.
Then there’s illustrating. I set a deadline and find myself drawing the day of the deadline lol. I think a lot of artists do this. I do start prior to wandering off; it’s just that I have two kids and O.C.D.
What else can time account for? Well it’s nearly been two years since I started and finished the first book for Anguished Immortals. And here I am nearly two years later…running a site, small business and continuously drawing and writing; I never thought I could fully finish a full scale illustration, such as featured.
Someone recently asked where I see myself in five years.
I want to expand the likes of Byond Epic Ent. I’d love to finish a few more books and series. And I’d like to see….especially the second series (Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts) as a movie or television show (series wise).
I want to continue illustrating and furthering my abilities. And I want myself to know how far I’ve gotten.
I want time to coincide with my visions, basically.

I have written a thorough breakdown of my expectations for the four volunteers I have for Denver Comic Con, 2014.
They’re gonna think I’m nuts when they read everything…but I am a small business.
I have also obtained a model who just so happens to be GORGEOUS and she will be taking on the role of Enyo. I suppose I need to begin my quest for an Azrael look-a-like. Unfortunately, I may have to look on Craigs List (cringes)
Hopefully there’s another RELIABLE source.
If not, I’ll prayfully look about…
This year is going to be big because I’ve decided it’s going to be. And come what may, I will keep pressing until I’ve reached my goal 🙂
(To attend Denver Comic Con one way or another!)
And to continue writing and illustrating. With progression…you often find yourself losing friends and relationships. I’m perfectly okay with that if they’re getting in the way or causing issues. There are some fights that are meant to be lost…as a learning process.
New artwork will be updated on the website! Software updates and the general analysis that most people own tablets has allowed me to edit my site from my Kindle Fire more proficiently! So sometime today, I will be adding an updates page again, and contrasting a few photos. 🙂
Artwork can also be found on my twitter page (@GNJCS) and my facebook business pages, all of which I will list below.
There are some pieces that will be removed for editing, and some that will be removed just because. Hopefully no one has a favorite. Weebly is a good website basis; they do not allow people to copy and paste pictures…in some cases.
Regardless…anything without my copyright on it is being taken down, as other illustrations will under go that simple edit to insure the authenticity of my work 🙂
I highly encourage authors new to posting online to do this. Without a watermark or copyright…it leaves your work up for grabs in more ways than one.
Hopefully that was helpful 🙂
As always, thanks for reading! I want to thank the 60 followers I currently have. I appreciate your continuous support! And I want to welcome any new followers 🙂 hello and thanks so much.
Hopefully you all enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend. Please keep your eye on the pages listed below for artwork, previews from the upcoming release of Anguished Immortals: Book Three, and Angel’s Pride and Angst, and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Reckless Intentions, as well as updates about Comic Con and JCS in general!

Twitter- @GNJCS and @ByondEpicEnt
Instagram- @graphicnovelistjcs

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