Life is hard, Whispered the Shadow



Someone I used to talk to had a habit of admitting when he was jealous of others, and continuously asked me how I managed to write five book, and publish three.
For a while, I didn’t have an answer. Then one night, I looked him square in the eye, and gave him every single detail of my writing career.
On how many attempts it took me to actually finish a book. How that drove me to write a series, and then start on a second.
How many times I wrote something…forgot about it…gave up…or “lived my life.” He didn’t understand, and felt I was bragging when I showed him the steady progression of my artwork.
I can tell you his mistake. Everyone is guilty of it.
His desire to covet instead of taking action.
Sure, dreaming of being a successful published writer sounds awesome. The issue is…that shouldn’t be the goal.
And with the idea of success, hunger for more is driven. Greed coincides within dwindling minds, minds that are weak and bent on changing their situation. When all they’ve written is the title and who the manuscript was by.
I tore myself away from that once I started working, as a young adult. And I actually refuse to look towards the horizon of fame because I want to finish what I started.
So I found myself in Starbucks…bumming free coffee from using bags that could be redeemed for such…and bumming WiFi.
Oh My GAWD I cannot tell you how insufferable that is! I am always on the move.
Then one day…a Net Zero commercial came on. And now I can harass all of you 🙂
I then found myself…rationing data. So I added more data. But from where I sit…it seems like nothing is easy.
Ah, what’s she getting at.
This can be included with the previous story written in this blog. I never give up. My persistence is that of a festering, malignant growth that cannot be defined, cured, or destroyed.
With that type of ambition comes, quite often, the inability to differentiate purpose and expectations.
So in some cases…I accredit the human race far too much.
It was much, much worse when I was a child up until my late teens. Now I anticipate to be let down. This is probably one of the reasons I like to work alone.
That still doesn’t answer why I’ve written so many books!
OH! Wait…I’ve got it.
I have a sweet little thing called “drive.”
Models for Comic Con
I have obtained a female model (I’m pretty sure I already said that…in a previous post)
Now I’m looking for a male model for Azrael. Still. I haven’t posted my listing because Craigs’s List scares me. But I have to try there, and see if there’s any place else to try.
But these is a serious event taking place in June. I’ve had a handful of people slur empty promises like a harlot telling a man she wishes to marry him.
I would love to avoid people at all costs, lol. But can’t manage that right now.
Friday, January 31st will bring some much needed changes to the website. I’ve managed to edit and add details needed for my illustrations.
With that also brings cover changes for both Anguished Immortals Book one and two, and a swap for previews as two new books will be published on April 17th.
Yes, a lot to do! So far, I’ve been able to touch up two illustrations, and one is currently under construction. I will only have five to seven illustrations available for each month. And probably no more than twenty.
This is something that will be expressed continuously until it is understood lol. I won’t be selling any illustrations online. Only during artshows, and conventions.
There will be a couple of new shirts added to the site. And unfortunately, I haven’t found a company that prints the type of hoodies I want.

As usual, thanks so much for reading! Thanks to my newest followers and my loyal ones!

13 Comments Add yours

  1. You’re an inspiration, my friend.

    1. authorjcs says:

      I truly appreciate that, friend 🙂

      1. authorjcs says:

        I’m glad I can be an inspiration. I mean it.

      2. Pity all the young folk can’t be so driven.
        ( Did you see that, I alluded to the fact you’re still young LOL)
        Oops I laughed!!!!

      3. authorjcs says:

        LMAO wow. Thanks for revealing my age? Smf.

      4. I didn’t that was the brilliance of it. Only I know the truth muahahaha!!!

      5. authorjcs says:

        Nothing wrong with being in your late twenties lol

      6. I thought you were nineteen!!!

      7. authorjcs says:

        I know I look very, very young. But I assure you…I’m **

      8. Then that must make me….**

      9. authorjcs says:

        are those abbreviations in the form as astericks for “old man”

      10. Superman LOL
        And before you can harass me I’m off to bed. See ya pal.

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