He came back for me



He came back for me

Beauty! They say.
Beauty! They scream.
They howl and beat their chests at me.
The moons shows slivers of pride and greed.
Taken! I demand.
Taken! Then I stand.
A sword in one, a shield in my other hand.
I refuse to fall victim to another selfish man.
Beginning their attack, here on mountains high.
The wind whipping fiercely, snow falling from the sky.
First, scraping through my rose bushes, picking up thorns.
Second, fighting to reach the golden stairs, where atop my love’s adorned.
Last, only two stand before. Both cradle wonder in their eyes.
One attempts to exalt me, the other starts to cry.
The first, his praises lack conviction. It’s plain and obvious to see.
The second admits I let him go, and he’s finally come back for me.

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