Fall Into Progression


It is a balming negative four here in the Denver Metro area.

You are reading with Graphic Novelist J.C.S. on this very, ridiculously cold day.

There are so many wonderful things to talk about!

First, take a sip of your coffee. Breathe deep (hopefully the scents of well spent coffee and not store brand or Foldgers…Folgers?)
So, as I had mentioned in previous posts…I have been searching for a male model for Azrael.
I really didn’t think I’d find someone who stood at six foot four inches, with curly black hair, a rugged demeanor, blue eyes (or willing to wear contacts) and a muscular physique.
I will not reveal how I came across him…but he accepted my job offer!
And he’s a doll. Friday I’ll introduce you all to Enyo and Azrael, and they’ll have a nice page set up on the website for Byond Epic Ent.
I am absolutely thrilled things are panning out so far.
The only person that can get in the way of this.
Is me.
I had severe tooth pain on Monday, but I managed to get both previews up and running before Wednesday.
I really have to say…I am excited about #BSPH, Reckless Intentions and #anguishedimmortals An Angel’s Pride and Angst.
I am considered throwing a release party…but that will be separate from my web based work.
However…there will be some pretty awesome pictures, I’m sure 🙂
I will post links for both series at the end of this blog, and I highly encourage you to take a sneak peek!
Both books will be published on April 17th, 2014.
And I will make sure to let you know 🙂
I am still in the process of editing my work, and posting it to the site. As I have mentioned before, I want to make sure all of my work has my signa on it…that way it cannot be taken.
And if it is taken…there’s proof who the sole owner is.
I highly encourage all artists of all mediums to take the extra steps when showcasing online. I would hate to see something I worked long and hard on end up on someone’s website or blog.
Written permission is fine…but people usually don’t ask.
Volunteers and Now An Assistant
Special thanks to David, Jasmine, and Krystal (who is now my “kinda sorta assistant, lol) for willing to go to Denver Comic Con with Byond Epic Entertainment in June!
Honestly…I do all of my work myself…so extra hands is super awesome.
All have agreed to post links as we wait for that epic day to come upon us. They have meetings to attend, books to read, and people to harass.
Hopefully I can teach them the mighty ways of what I’ve learned, lol.
We are still going to Comic Con, come what may. I have an amazing team helping, and two drop dead gorgeous models.
Hopefully, some of you reading are locals to Denver and will be attending the event. I would LOVE to see you, sign your book (if you have one or will be buying one) and of course answer any questions.
We will be situated in the Artist Valley because Byond Epic Ent is a web based company, as are the books, illustrations and Demmy Graphics.
Totally excited, come what may. And I will keep you all updated 🙂
That’s most of the news I have. More eventually rolls out after I publish…but there’s always another day!
Thanks for reading, as always, and enjoy your weekend!!
Preview links-



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