Just, so very Yes


Well, hi.

I see you’ve stumbled across my blog, hopefully again.

I want to recognize all 63 (or so) of my followers. I also want to say THANKS to those who have liked my past posts and my recents posts.
I really appreciate it!
What am I complaining about today?
Just general updates?
After harassing both, I finally have the means to finish their profiles on the website. One is actually more dedicated than the other. Can you guess who?
Both are absolutely gorgeous, fit the characters well, and are ready to work.
First comes more paper work…then a photo shoot. A meeting with both right before Comic Con…and constant harassment to insure both have read #anguishedimmortals Book one and two. And buying costumes and other necessities to complete their “cosplay” impersonations.
It is a lot of work. For those of you envying me (because, let’s face it. Azrael is…so very yes) It is going to grate my nerves lol.
I really hope both models stick around for a couple of years (plus some) This is a perfect opportunity!
One is seeing this as a start and fully stated they would like to work with Byond Epic Ent. That makes me happy.
Now to stay about my wits!
Site Edits-
There is a new updates page that will be updated (lol) at least once a week. When time permits itself (in a couple of weeks) I can have my slide shows back! Sad…I have been using my tablet for work…but there are some things that hold you back. Like FLASH PLAYER, and JAVA SCRIPT. Dangit.

But there have been HUGE improvements as far as even getting on the site generator to edit. But in a couple of weeks…I’ll have myself a laptop LOL. I dream about it every night.
There willl also be a large edition of new shirts, and hopefully hoodies. I’ve actually had issues finding a company that doesn’t do embroidery. I just need screen printing…
:/ Thinking a local t-shirt shop will help far better.

BlogTalk Radio-

I believe I have mentioned that I wouldn’t be doing BlogTalk Radio…but I really do think it’s a wonderful idea.
So from tomorrow up until March 6th…I will be harassing the internet about the return of my show.
I’m also hoping to do a live stream via Skype 🙂 but probably only once a month.
Because people are crazy.
I’m actually very excited to return. The show did fantastic. Since it is little old me…having nearly 10,000 people listen to your podcast is pretty awesome.
As always…thanks so much for visiting, following, and liking. And ladies, please.
Sam Thompson is only one man 😛

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