Ask More, Then Accomplish less



Guess what’s coming closer and closer?

My very first meeting!

I’m actually very concerned…


I can’t control anyone! Duh!
Byond Epic Ent Meeting-

The following things will be discussed-
Comic Con. Booth or not, we’re going. This has been reiterated on several occasions. I really hope my volunteers are up to the challenge. Those who are web based, self published and just now rising may or may not be put on the waiting list. It is my deepest wish this doesn’t happen. If it does, I am going to harass them lol.
One…because they don’t list extreme specifications for people applying to be in the Artist Valley at the Denver Comic Con. And I feel things may be a little unorganized.
Two…because I really want to go. I have my heart set on going, and I refuse to let this go.
So, basically I’ll be telling my volunteers…this is a come what may type of deal.
I have to email them today…Friday…next Monday…next Wednesday…and Friday morning to make sure we’re all on the same page.
After the meeting, I have to arrange a meeting with my models. I’m really not looking forward to that what-so-ever. One lives really far. And we will not touch the topic of the other.
But it must be done. So for those who continuously wish they were working with the guy modeling for Azrael…
Sure you can work with him. Tell me how it goes when you’ve lost you’re mind multitasking!
Hoping the meeting on the 28th is a successful turn out…I mean…I’m feeding them for Christ’s sake…
Don’t you love editing? Most writers will say no and think I’m insane. I love editing….especially close to a release date.
One…you’re catching mistakes that could really stop the pace of a good read. Two…you forget little things you’ve written in your story.
Lastly….you can truly surprise yourself.
I know I have.
Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Reckless Intentions is from a series I can consider my gem. But then I go back and read Anguished Immortals: An Angel’s Pride an Angst…and I fall in love with it again and again.
For example…the first two books of Anguished Immortals shows Azrael as this rule follower, then as a drunk and confused father. The third and final installment really focuses on how he operated when he was first dispatched as the Archangel of Death.
I cannot give away further circumstances…but it is truly beyond epic.
BUT…as I’ve mention…Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Reckless Intentions is pretty freakin awesome.
Anticipate a release mid April (the 17th to be exact) Hopefully, I can host a small release party! 🙂


If applied liberally…it can show results depending on your synopsis.
But don’t ever presume because you gave effort, things will automatically go your way.
In fact…the further you go…the more effort needs to be applied.
If anything were as easy as it seemed…nothing would probably get done.
There is a question I hate answering when it comes to writing.
“How did you manage to write not only a book…but a series?”
It took me ten years to even have a foundation or sturdy idea of a book. I failed on several occasions throughout that ten years. But I was never willing to give up.
When I finally produced something I liked and knew others would like…I received the harshest critizism possible.
I literally had someone tell me I used “was” too much. She has yet to lift a successful book off the ground or be picked up by an agent. And after so kindly disregarding not only my talent, characters, writing and genre selection…
She changed to the very genre to swore she loathed.
So yes, I allowed things like that to get under my skin. That was until I read through Anguished Immortals: Acts of the Fallen…and realized it couldn’t stop there.
After previewing book two…I said “SCREW AUTHONOMY!” And took a year long hiatus after writing the third installment. When I finally surfaced again, I dominated the weekly top read books for a month at #70, #33, #21, #17, #7, #3, then #1.
But I did all of that to test my newest series out on people. I wasn’t concerned about editing, how many times I used was, or if I misspelled something.
Did you like it? Did you keep reading? Did you crave it?
They did. It happened. I was proud of my experiment, and published the first book for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts.
I said all of this to say…
Even though I’ve written as many books as I’ve had and had small success, and huge success…
My opinion about how you should go about writing will not matter once you’ve finished a book.
Either you’ll do it. Or you’ll keep asking.

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