A Heart Wreckers Weekend



Drink, flirt, hook up.


General ambition in a tight fitting skirt.

Looking for all her victims a few hours after work.

Then claiming they’re all dogs, when she’s the jerk.

Taking their weak minds, bending it her will.

Hoping by two she’ll have something to feel.

Better on her worst nights, greatest when she’s trashed.

Wishing the guy she picks will hopefully last.

One night stand? Nonsense, this is a game.

A poisonous era of charades, while she chokes-spits to fame.

No need to save her,She’s no dame.

She works this weekly love just to ease the pain…
© 2014 by J.C.S. All rights reserved.



2 Comments Add yours

    1. gnjcs says:

      I see now why you’ve posted the link on my poem. But I am not depressed. I used that tag…because the synopsis of the girl in the story would have to be depressed judging from her actions 🙂 However, thank you. I did enjoy my read

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