Allergic to the World



These flowers are beautiful.

-deep breath-

I love spring.

-congestion that would suggest allergies are a curse.

Cursed spring!

Spring has nearly sprung. I’ve been seeing buds, robins, and warmer temps here in the Denver Metro Area. I absolutely love this time of year.

One…my birthday is in April. Two…snow storms come with heavy wet snow that melts two hours later.

Lastly? Anguished Immortals Book Three and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts Book Two will be released J




I set up a lovely page, and have titled the cause “The Starving Artist Fund.” Cute, right?

I’m being so serious. I literally work for nothing to free in some cases. People actually do purchase my books…but not in the quantities I’d like. However, I enjoy my work and will not stop solely because in the world’s eyes, I’m a poor starving artist.

I am very fortunate to have made it this far, so asking for a donation is pretty legit. In fact, since it is on my website, and people read my work, laugh at my comics, admire my illustrations…$5 dollars isn’t much.

There are a lot of artists that are fed up with working for free; it’s time consuming and people do not take us seriously. They say “wow, your work is great!” Then expect us to design shirts for $40 and be perfectly okay with meeting a short deadline.

It isn’t okay. So we’re putting out foot down. Especially me, I wear a size 11.

It is a donation, and is meant to encourage people to purchase a shirt, download a copy of a book, share links, like pages, tell people about all you’ve seen.

I believe as many people that come to the site, there will be one person who goes…hmmm! And truly, that’s all it will take.

One person.


Demmy Graphics-




The goal is to have two spreads done for March. I’m definitely going to take advantage of one of my own weaknesses…allergies.

And then the large amassing hormonal rise in humans between the ages of 18 and 35. Because now everyone wants a girlfriend/boyfriend…Spring is one of those seasons were sex seems to be very important.

So far, the comic has been doing well on the site. I want to continue pushing out obscene things for you all to laugh at.

Some of the spreads will be offensive to others, but there is a fair warning listed on the page, previous to the links.

And honestly, everyone will be under the gun. No one is safe. Including myself.

Make sure to share Demmy Graphics J A page on Facebook will be set up as soon as I reach 12 strips.


The great news is…Demmy Graphics and the previews for both books are bringing in a lot of traffic. So people aren’t just going to my website to go to the damn thing. Lol.

They’re going because there is something of interest to them. And my work isn’t over, but my achievement in building an audience is growing J

Hat’s off to Demmy. She’s making people laugh and bringing interest to Byond Epic Ent.


Video uploads, Via


I was talking with a friend and came to the conclusion that since I am a starving artist, the best thing for me to do is…

Record info and updates as I would do on BlogTalk Radio, upload them when I steal Wi-Fi from the library and Starbucks, and do readings as well that way.

It actually makes no sense for me to spend money on the internet and Blog Talk Radio when things can be as simple as that!

Expect my first upload on the 13th of March! I’ll go over site statistics, Byond Epic Ent events taking place, illustrations, and other general updates.

I believe this is a far greater idea J and I wish I had thought of it before!


You read the blogs, you like the poems, and you consistently follow me J


I appreciate you, you have no idea how much. Thank for reading, following, and being loyal.





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