Highlighted and Underlined



It is a subject often blurbed about on this blog.
Mind you…even waking up to charge my tablet and phone is a struggle…especially with being a single mother.
My motivation has been displaced so much…anyone else would have given up.
Why do I say this with such assurity?
I’ve seen it happen.
Things become harder and harder…and suddenly the ease of quitting starts to drum into play.
There is no such thing as consistency without strife. Know this in your continuous struggle.
But if you don’t try…
You will never know.
Hot sh**…they’re back!
I’m doing the previews like good ole Amazon…the prologue and first chapter…
For now. Posting previews and pictures for the chapters is time consuming…mind you I can’t decide with illustrations should go with which chapter.
Now that you know my dilemma…it doesn’t make any sense because all chapters should have specific illustrations (smiles)
They do…but there’s always a moment where another picture would seem to fit better.
So I will work through the issue as I do with everything.
Very slowly with a slew of procrastinations fit for a lazy king.
Followers & Social Networks-

Things have been steadily increasing. I really don’t want to dance around this topic too much…but things are going well.
It takes a lot of my patience to do what I do on a daily basis and deal with people but the efforts, hard work and strain is definitely worth it.
Between writing, blogging, poetry, promoting, and gaining more followers…I sometimes feel at any point I could drop my head onto my kitchen table and fall right to sleep.
Then there’s times my artwork frustrates me to the point I want to throw down my stylus and say screw it. Of course…over the last 21 years…and just recently…the last 2 years…things have improved…
So have I gained followers from my artwork, poetry, blogs or books?

Or when it comes to sparking interest…does it matter?

Thanks to the newest followers, my steady followers and any and everyone who reads my blogs/poetry. I really appreciate it!
Enjoy the rest of your week.


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