Dying To Be Loved By You


All dressed up for you.
Flowers in my hair.
Make up on point and cue.
I just hope you care.
Eating me from the inside.
Rotting up from the core.
Orgasmic when we meet, our eyes.
My heart begs for more.
Everything here is black.
Dark as it’s ever been.
And whenever I say hello…
I whisper the sweetest sin.
You will never be mine.
This much I can see.
I will spend a life time.
Simply making you see me.

12 Comments Add yours

    1. gnjcs says:

      Hey Richard, thanks 🙂 LOL thought your perished, smf.

      1. gnjcs says:

        You* lol

      2. I’ve got rid of messenger, long story. I’m available through all other channels LOL

      3. gnjcs says:

        Boo! I’ve emailed you and received no reply. It’s fine. I won’t hold it against you lol. Happy to hear from you though.

      4. When????? And I’m always happy to hear from you.
        PS why has the woman of a million selfies not got her picture for a Gravatar.

      5. gnjcs says:

        Actually, I wondered the same thing. It must have been replaced without my knowledge. I haven’t touched it in a couple of months. I noticed that as well.

      6. Sort it out !!!!!! 😎

      7. gnjcs says:

        And I emailed you…literally…a month ago or around the time you got your new phone. Lol. I think.

      8. Yes, I have, but my email hasn’t changed. In fact, I’ve gained two LOL

      9. gnjcs says:

        Well…maybe your fame jumbled up my meager email haha. Totally fine. I’ll be sure to send six next time…just in case. You’ve gained two?

      10. Can you include a selfie so I know it’s really you? :p

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