Needle and Thread


A decision-

There was a time where I was extremely anal about promoting. I was so afraid I wouldn’t be seen.
Then I did everything in my power to insure I wasn’t being comparative in any manner…
I don’t do well with competition.
I lost connections with people I wasted time with, and I gained a stronger sense of my capabilities…and loyal followers.
In the mist of starting out, I failed to realize that no matter how great I am…someone will always be greater.
This doesn’t mean to be comfortable with eating crumbs from under the table-this means to strive to do your best at all times.
So through every horrible thing I experienced-losing my computer, not working and fighting for four months…I didn’t think to myself I may or may not be passed by. I had an aching to go back to what I started.
I see now that there were a few things I truly needed to go through. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have seen how arrogant I was.

I get a lot of attention from the poems I post! That is awesome!
I will be adding poems to the website! And hopefully…publishing my first book of poems.
But the poetry has brought in a lot of traffic to my blog that I never anticipated. It’s absolutely wonderful that I can share how I feel with the world…and receive reciprocation for it.
When the time presents itself, I will attempt to illustrate for the poetry…but using my characters and other sketches seems to work just as well.
Illustrations & Demmy Graphics-

The title is a mouthful all by itself.
I wouldn’t say I have fallen behind…I would say that the further along I progress…the longer it takes to produce work.
Demmy Graphics was on hold due to my kids and I being sick. And the other illustrations I had been working on need a little love as well.
So…I will stop setting a date unless I’m absolutely sure I can make that date. With my son being out of school in two weeks…I’ll have more time to work…so to speak.
I want to apologize for this…but I also cannot control getting sick, lol.
So expect work soon 🙂

As always, I appreciate those of you who continuously follow and read the blogs and poetry.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy your week!

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