Selective Courage

(I apologize in advance, but the image presented refuses to sit the proper way, lol)

When I was a child, I was to be seen and not heard.
So much for that!
Although it hurt me at times as I began to develop in age and mental capablities, I always had something smart to say.
I was abused as a child, so in my mind neither of my parents had the right.
Today, there isn’t too much one can say that will keep me down.
However, I always go over things I’ve done in shock.
I would much rather be humble and greatly talented….the mediocre and arrogant.

Starting this week, I will start posting poems with illustrations. Once seven to ten are done, I will of course, harass the entire world as I do with everything else. It’s fun to have it on WordPress, but I also see no harm in posting it on the site.
The same name used for the blog will be used for the poetry. That’s the initial idea of my poetry lol I have often (and always) considered myself a goddess. Immortal Portrayals it is!
I do want to thank those of you who enjoy my poetry! I really appreciate it.

Memberships for Byond Epic Ent-

These will be created solely to call yourself a “Fellow Immortal.” (Got the theme here, right?” Once everything has been done correctly, I of course, as usual, will harass you.
This is a start to something bigger, as anything is.
But why? Because it’s fun, for one, and two…because it’s always good to have something sturdy a fan can fall back on.
(Recite it…”I am a Fellow Immortal”)
See. It sounds amazing, doesn’t?”

The entire process of creating prints and prices is still in the works. There will also be a miscellaneous section for artwork not associated with Demmy Graphics and the two series I’ve written.
For now, you can find artwork on the site, within the slide shows provided. I will be adding a new piece very soon. But the slide shows will stay, lol.
What may happen, is the single selection/sale of one print at a time. I’m only one person 🙂

As always…thanks so much for reading! I am so happy so many people enjoy my poetry, and actually take time to follow me, and like some of my work!

Enjoy your week!

*below presents a link for artwork on Byond Epic Ent’s website. I encourage you to have a sneak peek!*

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