Bank On It


I’m banking on-
My intuition…got me in this situation.
It’s time to face the truth.
I won’t find nobody like you.
I’m holding my-
My breath like I’m swimming.
But you’re the only who’s winning.
And it keeps me steady thinking.
That something’s wrong.
Look now, let your eyes travel along my stories.
If at any time I appear boring.
Let me know, before I let you go.
Few as you claim to be, you won’t find me!
I’m banking on-
This situation, where I used my intuition.
It’s time to say no more.
Because patience is a chore.
I’m blinking at-
Every line you feed me.
All of it makes me angry.
But I can’t help but smile when you come my way.
I have so much to say.
And such little time.
Sometimes I wonder if I swallowed my pride (wrong.)
So much I hate.
But I can’t name…
A time I did anything to hurt you.
So tell me the truth.
What are you banking on?
Let the dust settle before you walk away.
What are you holding on to?
A past that ate your soul and won’t let you go?
Bank on me.
And trash the receipt.

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