As Far As They Know


I have come a long way.
A year isn’t much unless you’ve struggled.
I went from being on top…to scraping at the bottom of a barrel.
From being in love, to loathing the flesh of one human being.
Now I see myself rising from the ashes. My never ending efforts to obtain finishing ANYTHING has lead me again to the top.
I’ve changed things around, cut people off, started writing poetry, and my artwork has improved.
There is a positive note about the opposite sex…as one is making amends…another has helped me mend and fill patches in my heart.
Most of all…the rolling tide of visitors to my site has picked up momentum. I am well on my way to being back on track.
That’s saying quite a bit.
Aside from finishing a handful of illustrations this year…my top goal is obtaining a sturdy following.
Seems easy enough…until you stand on the cusps of humanity.
There are more minds than words can tether.


You’ve frequented the blog. Allow me to introduce you to harassing Twitter, lol.
Poems will now be featured on the website. Not all here will make it, and you may miss a few that may not be posted on here.
Which gives you more of a reason to visit the site!
I am very excited about this. It’s one thing to set up a blog…it’s another thing to bring art to the table.
My poems do well here (for my age and experience) I know they’ll do great on the site.
Below is a link to the site (hint)

And fear not, I will still post poems here 🙂

* *



I have decided to feature shirts again on the website.
But only one design a month. I don’t want to take so much time on 8 shirts, and only one sells.
I want to get to the point were people choose which design they prefer…and that’s the shirt we’ll sell.
This works better for me since it’s just ME doing everything. Provided a few friends share links here and there…everything you see has been done by my hands.
Hoping this works, but it has been brought up because I will be posting links to my blog to encourage traffic and sales.


Special thanks-

I do this a lot. Only because I have done so much and have seen so much from my work.
Thanks followers! Thanks for liking, following and continuing to follow. I really do appreciate it.
I’m going to take this week to go through and likes posts since I barely have time to breathe!
A lot of you post AMAZING things, which is all the more reason for me to be nosy for once!
But truly, thank you! I am about 124-126 followers strong here on WordPress, with 374 on Twitter, 306 for my author page on Facebook, 442 for Anguished Immortals, 197 for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, and 75 for Byond Epic Ent’s page.
These numbers may be impressive to some…but to me it means work.

As always…thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoy my poetry and thanks for following!

* Links to keep in mind *

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