Border Line Lovers


I had everything.
I was king.
We had everything…
I was his queen.
Slipped and fail…Through our own seams.
Nothing is ever as good at seems.
Now there’s a circumstance.
My love is gone.
And we had a chance.
The blame is ours.
It takes two to fight.
One to not see, and one to lie.
Then one cries as the other is too shameless to die….

We had everything.
Our love was key.
We broke everything.
A twisted lock we’d leave.
I was your moment, even the one in between.
You…my angel, my life, my king.
Now we’re everywhere.
We shouldn’t be.
We want everything.
But can’t even breathe.
Toxic insults…squeeze out the light.
And no matter what happens.
We’re both right.

Border line lovers.
Stuck between tightly wove covers.
Pretending to care, when all that’s there is
Flesh to feed the appetite.
In the darkest night.
Flesh to feed this appetite.
Of a king.

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