Huge Advantages



This time last year was the start of my worst relationship ever.

Not only was the man abusive…he couldn’t hold up to the flame of a candle-honesty.

Then I wasn’t able to work even though he knew most of my work was done on the Internet. The minute I would sit down and start working, he would complain.

It was hell…one in which I helped create. Thankfully…things turned all the way around.

I’m publishing two books on Friday…with one being the completion of a series. And I am steadily writing and illustrating.

I will stay hush hush about the fellow I am with now…but let’s just say I can work without being bothered! He is also constructively blunt, helpful, and most of all supportive (and damnit, he’s gorgeous, lol). He will be cosplaying for Azrael next DCC (he actually looks a lot like him!)

Had I stayed in the mess I was in…I don’t think I would be sitting here writing this blog!

I gained a horrid amount of weight-which I lost. I lost apart of my confidence-I gained it back. I didn’t see myself the way I should have-lesson learned. But I sat down at the beginning of this year and busted my ass, lol, to not only catch up.

But to forget. And I have!

Crazy part is…he will see this blog, he will comment or email me.

And I can only wonder why effort is being made after the rise and fall of awe.

Demmy Graphics-
Summer time! It’s almost over. I have two kids! Lol I did nothing but entertain them this summer. So unfortunately I didn’t finish any comics. I do have an awesome idea and I cannot wait to share it, but I do apologize for it!

Keep your eyes peeled and thanks for being patient (if you were waiting 🙂 )



Artwork, like most of my work, will be back in full swing once my kids start school. I have done a substantial amount of work this year, more than I anticipated. I have a few other scenes that will complete illustrations the first book for Anguished Immortals.

But I also need scenes for Book Three (Anguished Immortals). That’s my goal for now.

Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts has a nice amount for the moment, but I feel like something is missing lol so I will be driving myself crazy until then!

Someone mentioned that I didn’t have enough artwork on my website…

I almost asked if he ever heard of Google. Previous blogs expressed my concern about my work floating about Google. And it still is. So why set myself up?

Besides…anyone who likes regurgitated Anime nonsense doesn’t have taste…at least separate from others.

But to each their own, right?

Short Stories and Poetry-

After I get a few poems posted to the website, I will begin posting short stories! I will be coplaying a character in mind for Halloween, but I wanted to get a head start on the project. I will be posting some of those short stories here, but as I have mentioned, most will be on the website.

There is a poetry compilation still in the works, and it will be published August 29th!  This book is a storm of poetry, revealing my emotions and pain.

Hopefully in October, I can release my second poetry compilation-the complete opposite of pain. It was as if a light flicked on in my heart…one that wasn’t meant to be turned off…no matter what.

I hope…that as much as you enjoy the poems I post here, you will also enjoy my projects coming about!

Thanks, as always, for reading, following and liking my blog! Your support means a lot to me!
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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