In Between



In Between

A temperment.
A situation.
The weather.
My own temper.
Yours as well.

The mood.
An uncovered shoulder.
The past.
How I deal with men I don’t want to deal with.

When it’s hot, you roll over, and lay on your back.
When it’s cold, you move closer…
I like it like that.
Hot, like a passion that surrounds us in our mists.
It starts with an expression and continues with a kiss.
After this is done, we seek to cool down.
To revisit it in our minds as cold air swarms around.
Like the flickering of a candle to light a fire place.
To bring about the heat, scare the cold from my face.
Or maybe I was blushing? Heat rising in my cheeks.
Like it is, and as it were.
Us, tangled in the sheets.
The in-between is us, my dear.
It should always stay this way.
What you do keeps me hot in the cool of night,
And cold in the heat of the day.

©2014 by J.C.S.. All rights reserved.

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