Your Sovereign

When I was younger I was never…where I was s’posed to be.
Now I’m older, and wiser-yet they turn their cheeks to me.
Feel it burning, a yearning to make it complete.
To be their sovereign, their majesty.
And have them on their knees.

Can you tell me?
What’s wrong.
I feel like the punch line to every joke-
The bridge to every song.
When I’m honest, I’m hated.
I want to be their sovereign, majestically…
Bring them to their knees.

This isn’t a fable.
I know my life can change without my doing.
And in this will I ever get to say?
Thank you for the change?
From a twenty or a ten.
Put my last five in.

Glad that I’m older and wiser. Happy I can see.
Know it’s nothing whenever they turn their cheeks at me.
I feel it burn and I like it, because it makes me believe.
I am their sovereign, the majesty.
And they shall stay on their knees.

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