Drum Up


I put so much effort into my work on a daily basis. So much so that I find it strange when family doesn’t support the struggle.
And here I have this amazing lover (I hate the word boyfriend) who not only supports my work-he wants to write with me.
It’s almost like I wished upon a fast moving star. One that I couldn’t trace with the naked eye. One I had to keep tabs on.
And come to find out…it isn’t a star….but a comet that only allows me it’s presence ever so often.
But…(but) this comet is solely meant for me.
Touching, right?
It’s hard networking as a independently published graphic novelist. I have to build a fan base for seperate reasons.
Writing. And artwork.
The artwork fan base is easy to gain. Writing? Not so much.
I am not saying I need cheerleaders, but I would go out of my way to support my children.
Every single step of the way.

Poetry, Short Stories, and New Writing

As I have mentioned before, there will be a poetry compilation coming out next Friday. On top of that…another is set to release in September/October.
Some of the poems I have posted will be in the book along with some your haven’t read. I am really excited…more so because poetry is how I started writing in the first place.
Please prepare yourselves for short stories-only available on Byond Epic Ent’s site. The name of the series is The Obligation Code…and that’s all I can reveal about it! Lol I can’t feed you the storyline…then you would feel as though you wouldn’t have to read it.
Before I even make this announcement, please always know I am looking for new writers and artists.
And here we go. I am putting my head together with my lover to write another graphic novel! It may take longer-we have bills to pay and lives to live BUT I am very…very excited. As well as dishing out ideas and editing, I will also be illustrating the entire novel.
I will post more details about it, and previews will be up soon!

A Return To Blog Talk Radio

I was recently asked if I would mind being interviewed on a show! Right now, I will not disclose further information, however, it will be soon.
Once I get my questions, artwork, and pictures together, I will starting blogging and posting the date for those who are interested.
I am very excited because I received an invitation!
I will be going insane until I can firmly get my material together. This is my opportunity to allow the writing community to hear my story (again) view my artwork, and maybe even purchase a book.
Fingers crossed, hopes on the rise, eyes to the sky.

I Published Five Books…
I’m not in a stupor in which I cannot escape.
I have firmly come to the realization that fame isn’t necessary to accomplish a desire, nor does it fuel my passion.
But yes, on the August 15th, I published two more books…making five in total. And it isn’t over. Anguished Immortals is a completed series, but Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts has two more novels to go!
In addition to that, both series will have graphic novel editions that will come out over the next few years. I have more ideas in mind-two of which has already been starting.
Hoping in October we can introduce the first book for the series Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, and I have research to do for a series meant for young adults titled The Blind Assassin.
Work. But I love it. This is what I do, and according to quite a few people…I do it well.
I am excited I have more ideas, more writing, and more illustrations to look forward to.
Where my face ends up isn’t a plus. It just happened.
As usual, thanks for reading! You…yes you…are amazing. I truly appreciate the support!
Check these links for more from me, and of course, to show your continuining support elsewhere!
Twitter?— @GNJCS & @ByondEpicEnt

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