Necessary Mood


I love poetry. I always have and I always will.
There are variant levels of the art. Some write because they can rhyme as others are fueled by their emotions, and they’re words express how they feel.
Then there’s people who write complete and utter garbage. Almost as if poetry is some type of fad.
Is it? I surely hope not. That would make it seem like great poets simply tried to fit in.
But since it is art…I believe those who do write poetry should take time to make a few paragraphs a masterpiece.
Take my breath away. Turn me on. Anger me. Make me cry.
Most of all…make me think.
I have compiled some of my favorite poems and will be publishing the book over the holiday weekend. It really isn’t to gain more fans or money.
It’s because I love artistically expressing myself to the world.
Artwork, Characters

I told myself when I sat down to illustrate that it would be very difficult. I do have to admit that if it were easy…it wouldn’t be worth it.
My next challenge is finishing a full profile of my beloved Azrael, walking in the desert. Accompanied by his favorite dagger and his heaven issued sword. It isn’t drawing my famed hero that’s the hard part…
It’s the landscape. I have always drawn people, but not places. Lol. I wouldn’t really call it a challenge either. Trying something new.
I asked someone if what I drew appeared to be sand dunes. I’m discovering I should probably find someone who uses their brain, lol. What I was told, however, was that she would prefer to see it finished.
Perfect. There was something there…
Besides this scene, I would also like to draw five bandit angels known as Dashan’s Angels, characters from Anguished Immortals, Book Three. This will be a challenge because again…I have to do a landscape. What I don’t want to do is repeat a previous illustration because I have become desperate or something. Doubtful, but it is something I would prefer to avoid.
So basically I’m admitting that I enjoy driving myself crazy, lol.
Next up is Io, featured in all three books for Anguished Immortals. My take on her has to be beyond deliciously evil, and I am not sure if she belongs in a landscape setting.
If you find me rocking in a corner crying to myself…then jumping up to illustrate again…
You have found me at my best.

I was recently invited to a radio show…whose name I will not disclose yet, lol.
I still have to mull over my questions and decide which illustrations are best to show. I also need better pics than the selfies I have all over the place, lol.
Hoping in the next couple of weeks…this will all be possible.
But I am beyond excited!
I finally get to strut like a peacock.
A very humble, tired, insane peacock.
Overall…receiving an invitation counts for something. I had always wondered how people got featured on radio shows.
I hope in the future…
It happens again, lol.
That’s really all I can say without jinxing it!

School, Kids, Free Time, Him

I don’t believe I will know what empty nest syndrome is. I am excited my kids are at school-I get to work more than ever. But…I want to join PTA. As I said before, I enjoy driving myself insane lol.
It can’t be that time consuming. Afterall, I work from home and pick my own hours. Maybe I like feeling like an Android…
Since I have so much free time, I have to find new ways to harass you all, lol. (And apparently the people and children at my kids school)
Do you recall the few times I mentioned my horrible ex? I would sit down to work and he would attempt to lord over what I was doing. I could never work, write, draw or promote.
Sometimes I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. He claimed I was cheating on him even when I hadn’t touched my phone. It was hell, truly.
When I tried to finish writing my book…he actually got upset that I left the room to write!
I think that was the first time in my life I truly meant harm to someone.
Well…things are much different now.
One…we like to take breaks. Just for a few days…but he has his own life and I have kids.
Two…he is aware that my work is time consuming, so when I need to work, promote, write, etc…he doesn’t get upset.
And lastly, we make up for lost time.
I look back on the end of last year and it still bothers me someone was really that controlling. But it was also an eye opener. After we broke up, he actually attempted on several occasions to talk with me or get back with me.
I had been physcially and mentally abused, accused of cheating, and well…basically you name it he did it.
I thought, “gosh…what did I do to deserve this?”
A good friend told me, “He was threatened and knew he was in over his head. You’re intelligent, beautiful, and talented. What did he have to bring to the table? He was scared of what you are, so the only way he could get over it was controlling you.”
She was right.
I will not also say that my boyfriend now makes up for what he didn’t …BUT we both deserve to be happy…this new guy and I.
I am happy I didn’t let someone break my stride. It seemed that way…but at the beginning of the year…I started working like a crazy woman lol.
So in turn, I figured having a relationship and being a graphic novelist would not happen.
Then I found him.
As usual…thanks for reading my blog, liking my posts, and following me! I truly appreciate it!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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