Death Be Your Revenge



Steady like a raging river.
It’s just better to face the odds.
All I can offer is wisdom.
I love you, but I’m not God.
Say you want to change.
Say you’ll make amends.
This sound is burdened heavy.
This…you cannot mend.
With all my fields of flowers.
And mines stashed of diamonds.
You plow down my fields.
My jewels-you’ll find them.
I’ve used my heart to forgive you.
To set the past aside.
Now it will be a weapon.
For this day I shall rue.
The sky darkens above us.
I’m ready-strum and bow.
I see you as my target.
This will ease my load.
I take a deep breath.
The bow then I stretch.
A clap of thunder shakes
Up wonder.
As you look to me in regret.
Then I see the sorrow…of pain that will not end.
A hurt that’s burst through the seams.
Through flesh that has worn thin.
My arrow I place with the others.
My bow rests at my side.
I can still keep my distance.
Because one day you will die.

©2014 J.C.S. All rights reserved.

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