Birthing the Regular



It will be a long nine months.
In fact, I am almost sure I will go crazy before the nine months is over…said…and done.
Yes, I am with child. I am a day away from being nine weeks!
So what should you be expecting in the next eight to nine months?
My usual. I will do my best not to be entirely moody when blogging lol.
My significant other and I are hoping for a boy.
I want to keep on track with writing short stories, but I do have to admit…
I have been very, very tired!



Yes, we are entering the time of year where Indie Authors act worse than commercials for Black Friday.
Rest assured, I have nothing planned, or any tricks up my sleeve. My focus is finishing my short stories, blogging, poetry, and my normal spurts of promoting.
What I will do is celebrate reaching my goal for website visits. But that doesn’t entitle anyone to purchase a book, lol.
My other major goal is to finish a few more pieces for both series, and for The Obligation Code. And of course, to continue writing for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, and again, The Obligation Code.
So when you come across an Indie Author this holiday season, be sure to ask them what their goal is for this year’s end. If it’s selling as many books as possible, ask them if it requires influence.
Kindle Direct Publishing-

There are many Indie Authors enrolled in KDP. I wanted to shed some light, and juggle opinions over this very touchy topic.
I am happy that I can publish literally carefree, for free. What I did not like was an email I received, almost suggesting that authors should now compete over $100,000 prize for being the top seller. Because it is not in my best interest to sell millions of books right now, I suppose I could have ignored that email.
I have come across a wide range of Indie Authors. From the hugely expectant, to the overly shy.
The dominating genre for Indie Authors and “Publishing House” Authors is Romance/Erotica.
What the email (or program) for that matter should have done, was have a separate list for different genres. There is a historical fiction book out there selling better than your average steamer, I guarantee it. But this person is being shunned, and shut out because of a preferred genre.
Yes, I am saying it isn’t fair to those of us who chose not to share our sexual fantasy in a 15 chapter, 80,000 word novel.
My message to those of you who are aware of this program-keep writing, networking and promoting. And try not to get upset about things you can’t control.
It is a great opportunity…but only for a select few.
That’s usually how life goes…but there are always better books to read.
Support Indie Authors-

Who is your favorite Indie Author?
And here is another question.
Did you realize most authors start out independently?
Besides all of that, do an Indie Author a favor. Purchase their book, read it, leave a review and tell the world!
Not so much…making them famous. But showing them their hard work paid off.
We sweat blood and shed tears to be ignored. We get up everyday, focus on our work and brew new ideas.
And despite the challenges of our lives and our career choice…we love it.
I believe we shouldn’t address it to the point where we seem desperate BUT it is okay to pass the word along!
As always…thanks for reading, following, and liking! Enjoy your weekend!
Here are a few links for my recently published books!

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