Set In Stone


A broken hearted misses with a pocket full of wishes
And fist full of kisses on the side.
She knew what she was missing, cuz she knew how much she’d miss him, and eventually became his ride or die.

She couldn’t walk away. He came to make a change
And wrote it on her heart.
It’s set in stone.
On an average day, with sunshine and no rain.
Said they’d never part,
She refused to let him go.

He gambled with other ladies, looking for love in the shade
Because you shouldn’t call the desert your home.
But like typical scorpions, they all came with their own poison, showing that they never meant to love.

He couldn’t walk away, she came to make a change.
And wrote it on his heart (from the start)
It’s set in stone.
On the coldest night, when nothing else went right.
Said they’d never part,
And he refused to let her go.

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