Little Lies



What are you so afraid of in this life?
Is tonight the night that we die?
We will explode into a million pieces,
While still trying to make peace?
Are you sure it’s not all in your head?
Seems there’s no issues when I’m in your bed.
From the smallest thing, to the darkest lie.
I can see it leaking from your eyes.

Who else knows how you feel?
Are you telling someone else and keeping it real?
I can smell your fear from across the room.
And that’s pretty normal for the likes of you.
It’s starting to break you down.
At any moment, you’ll melt to the ground.
Or crumble as your words fumble.

All those little lies.

Stop breathing…for me.
Thinking…of me.
Stop hoping I’ll see you obsessive type of insanity.

Stop breathing, for me.
And thinking of me.
As the fool who would love the Idiot King.
Things change, you’ll see.

From all your little lies.

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