For A Good Reason



You think to yourself often (hopefully) “this couldn’t be that hard.” You try it out, and  come to the conclusion that “hard” is an understatement.
So you give up.
You work and watch others around you succeed in that thing you tried.
Human nature allows us the pleasure of envy and jealousy.
Envy suggest that although you don’t have, haven’t done, and probably never will…you often find yourself glaring at what makes you think back on the “ifs.”
Jealousy means if murder were legal…you’d be that person doing that thing.
Someone made this comparison to me, suggesting envy was better.
I think envy starts it all.

What I Should Be Doing

I am about halfway through my second trimester. We are having a boy, and are too excited for words.
My first trimester left me without the energy to even blink sometimes.
This trimester has been good so far, so I will do what I can until our son is born.
The website will undergo a few needed changes, including the removal of Demmy Graphics and the donations page.
On Wednesday, Byond Epic Ent will open up a book promo for both Anguished Immortals and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts. This promo will go from February 4th, 2015 until March 21st 2015.
That’s as much as I am willing to share about it lol
That’s also, pretty much it.

Blogs and Poetry

I consistently posted poems for close to three months. And the reception was phenomenal.
Posting  poetry allowed me the luxury of posting and keeping on track during my first trimester. I also posted to my website, which kept numbers where they needed to be.
I will continue those efforts, along with picking up my weekly blog.
I do want to thank my newest followers, “likers”, and those who have continuously followed me.
Illustrations and Finishing a Book-

This month, I will pick from a list of ideas, and attempt to finish. Illustrations are time consuming, and annoying.  But the finished product is amazing, this I cannot deny.
I will also be finishing my sixth book. Then I will begin the editing process. I am hoping to accomplish this before June, as my due date it on the 19th of that month.
Lol, these are very far fetched aspirations due to how tired I get and how easily I become tired. But I know it’s possible.
Thanks to all of you for reading. Enjoy yours week!

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