Kind of Sort of Still Here


It’s finally happening!


Not only will you be able to purchase some of my best pieces of work, you will also be able to purchase shirts for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts.


This is a huge accomplishment for me, particularly because I meant to do so during a hard patch in my life.


As with any art work, it will take time to have a nice amount of items for sell. Prints will take the longest because it typically takes me close to a month to illustrate for my books.


Shirts, on the other hand, do not take as long.


All in all, bare with me as this is quite the journey. If I don’t finish it this week, it will be done before the end of this month (hopefully)




Website Makeover


If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.


Tasking as it may be, the website is under construction. I believe it will take me the remainder of February to finish, but it needs to be done!


As I mentioned before, I am adding prints and new shirt designs. It isn’t sitting down to think of new designs…


Getting the designs on shirts, then setting the shop up is the hard part. I have to insure the prices are correct, and that everyone is on the same page.


Aside from that, Demmy Graphics and the Donation page has been removed. I haven’t had time for Demmy Graphics, and the Starving Artist Fund will be added to Immortal Fit, the shop featured on the site.


On top of all of that, my boyfriend does Jiu Jitsiu and kick boxing. He is in a small gym with people interested in my work, so rash guards will also be on display. Yes, rash guards with the Byond Epic Ent logo.


There’s a thought.


All of this is going to take me such a long time, but work is fun around our house.


Finish Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts


Ya, about that…


LOL it will be accomplished! I promise!


It is half way done, and is looking amazing.


I have cover work to do, promotion ideas to cover, and more people to harass!


The series takes a strange twist, and has even left me breathless, lol.


I cannot wait to publish and am hoping to finish writing before April. After having the baby, I won’t be doing much!


Between editing, and then editing a billions times after…I have my hands full.


Things take longer during pregnancy because believe it or not…your brain is everywhere.


They get done, just not as quickly!




I want to thank those who continuously read, like and follow this blog! As always, enjoy your week!

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