Make Things Work



Oh, man.
You know what sucks?
They do things…like shut down without warning.
Delete files without permission.
Refuse to connect to the internet service you have paid an arm and leg to.
In this day and age, it is hard and unrealistic to assume one has a back up plan.
Truly, if I didn’t already have a tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard, I would probably go insane.
There’s all these cool options available in case your computer doesn’t work.
Like Dropbox, Google’s cloud storage (which is quite profound) and other sources that allow safe saving, and seemingly stress free retrieval.
It’s almost as if your devices knew this while planning their demise.
The Website
It’s actually going to take me longer now that I know computers have a personal vendetta against me.
Everything will take longer.
Oh well. What’s life without troubles?
All the plans I have set are still very possible. And it is a nice goal to reach…but illustrating and writing are my passions.
Poetry fuels traffic, as do the previews available.
I will attempt to add more artwork, slowly at a time. But things are good the way they are.


The truth-
Most will only support your work if it is worth their time. There are some, however, who eventually turn into most that will love your work. Then there are those true fans.
You cannot make anyone like your work. It takes a lifetime for some to realize that.
What I adore greatly about those willing to support me is that every little thing I do is awesome to them.
Having fad fans is great if you need the money…but you would be disappointed to see who likes your work. That, is also something to take in mind.
You may have created your books for a select few.
But it turns out…people of every which way read.
What all off us as authors should do is stop weighing the good, the bad, and the ugly…
And focus on using our unique imaginations.
Your undying efforts, the ability and mind set to keep pushing, and being self satisfied first should be enough. The compensation is a bonus.
Poetry During the Storm

There’s a huge storm headed to Denver over the weekend. I’m hoping this opens up time to write more poetry-and not about the weather!
Lately, as it seems, I haven’t had enough mental energy to write new poetry. I still feel like I am catching up.
I am hoping to produce close to three, as there will be three days my family and I may be snowed in.
Anticipate that many poems during the week unless I state otherwise.
I hope I can keep up!
Thanks, as always, for reading, following and liking my page.

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