Obsess to not Obsess


What is the true definition of a one man (or woman) army?
Let’s think about it for a moment.
Most looking to publish, in particular, need a cheering section. It is increasingly hard to self promote, and even harder to publish.
Once you’ve found a few followers….you have to keep them happy-literally. But…you also have to keep in mind that you can’t please everyone.
Is your material easy to promote? Is it hard? Who does it attract? Is it a lasting impression?
I’ve learned not to judge what I do based off of who may or may not like work. You’ll end up highly disappointed.
What next? Fame and fortune?
Or consistency and influence?
What should matter most is that you don’t stop. Unless something out of your control happens.
Shoot for the stars to be among them, not to own them.

It is difficult keeping a weekly blog when you’re pregnant with a family.
I’ve come to terms with reality-that blogging weekly is beneficial…but not necessary.
Someone just dropped their cup of coffee.
As you pick up your ceramic pieces and mop up the fuel of champions, keep in mind that Americans in general over due just about everything.
In pain? Your pharmacist will gladly slide over the counter remedies for pain…from which my research presented me (solely because I have O.C.D.) that stress allows you to imagine your pain.
Remedy? Relax. Take your time. Remind yourself that life will not end if you don’t complete your bowl of cereal
Can’t sleep?  Your pharmacist is now the middle man. That’s street slang for your personal drug dealer.
If you suffer from anxiety such as myself, sleeping is a rare gift when it comes. So rare that even pregnancy can’t help along the situation.
There are things to worry about. Then there are things I swear the government created just to see us squirm.
Like global warming. And H1N1.
Allow your mind to differentiate what’s fact and fiction.
Yes. You will end up talking to yourself. But sorting things out before laying down actually helps (me) and hopefully you.
Over weight? If you’re at either the doctor’s office or seeing your pharmacist…
Congratulations, friend. You’re a junky.
Stress is eased by endorphines. And a readily supply of this hormone is found in comfort foods.
Am I suggesting that piece of chocolate you’ve found while reading this is the source of your fluffy love handles?
Yes-and no.
O.C.D. is like a side view or rear view mirror. To you, things will appear larger than they seem. And while you’re driving through every day life, remind yourself as often as you need to.
I said what now? Act upon the nature of your issue with the issue? Yes.
O.C.D. can be fought without medication. I should know. I function about 96% with my worries and doubts without therapy or medication. With reminders, times to calm myself down, and the notion that some things may have actually been created to piss me off.
Like exes. And toys that make loud noises.
Allow your brain to focus on the evident and not always on the possibilities. Those shrouding, looming possibilities that only happen in Final Destination movies love sitting in the darkest parts of your mind, waiting to feast on your anxiety.
So know there’s a chance of this or that. Do not rely upon actual percentages or integers-you’ll be back tracking.
IF the irrevocable takes places from your imagination, remind yourself that worse (and better) things can happen. Be realistic and open with yourself first before presenting your situation to others.
Lastly…dizzy? Sit down, sit water, close your eyes….
And breathe. Over thinking anything will only drive you crazy (er)
As always, thanks for liking, reading and following my blog!
Enjoy your week!


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