The Sincerest Form of Flattery



What are the acclimates that support the idea?
Firstly, your mindset has to be ever evolving. You have to adapt to the idea of success or failure.
With either scenario, you must then decide if you will become your success or drive it. Or if you will  accept failure and move on.
Or conquer it.
Once you’ve made that decision, your focus will shift gears.
You have a certain amount of followers. Recently, someone notable decided you were worth their time. Instead of sitting on the thought that they followed…thank them and keep working.
Or relish in the presence of a simple human being with major media attention…who is indeed human.
Is your focus fame? Or the ability to congratulate yourself and keep working?

Different Strokes-
The fad now is to write about something sexual that would actually land you in therapy. You then take your manuscript to Create Space, and TA DA…you’re a self published author.
It’s almost like home dye kits. Some people rock it well, while others miss that middle part in the back of their head.
The point here…is that writing is for those who love it and it doesn’t always mean you have to publish.
Sometimes (and I’ve done this myself) that piece of work that’s horrible should be for your eyes only. Think of it as the letter you wrote in anger to get off of your chest. You need not send it out to the person, but you needed to vent.
It is apart of human nature to attempt to outdo everyone. I actually had someone write a book so similar to my very first published work…that all I could do was laugh.
Stop trying to be everythinng you see.
Some of us were born to write.
Destined to be heard, read, and loved.
And some of us love the idea.
So love it.
Was this blog shorter than usual? Indeed! I am currently in the process of finishing my 6th novel and working on an illustration.
On top of that, I’ll  be finishing work on my website.
So there wasn’t much to update!
As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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