Sweet and Simple


I remember when I either didn’t blog…or I couldn’t blog.
Those were some of the worst moments in my life.
I often sit back and wonder if this person knew he was crazy, worthless, and horrible.
He hit me, manhandled me, lied to me and I was the bad guy.
When we broke up, he harassed me. By going to my Facebook business pages, contacting me on Twitter and suggesting I kill myself. Even commenting on my blog.
I ignored him, carried on with life. Then one day he actually got a hold of me…
And had the audacity to ask if I hated him.
Unexplainable. That’s all it will ever be.
The same word applies to how a lot of Indie authors deal with competition. Leaving horrible reviews, low ratings. Stealing work, bashing reputations, claiming that you really need an editor.
And then trying to figure out why they’re not famous yet.
You’re missing the entire point of writing.
To reveal a world fresh from the mind that can be raw, fanciful, alluring, devastating, but ultimately realistic. To show your version of events. Or to enter a dark part of history or even your past.
If a nice amount of people end up adoring you, so be it. But writing is a passion first.
Then a profession later.


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